Evolution Oncam Grandeye Camera Mount image settings


Orientation of camera video image to mounting position of Wall, Ceiling, Table

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • EVO-05NMD
  • EVO-05NND


Properly display de-warped images and PTZ operations work correctly 


The Evolution cameras are mounted either vertically or horizontally, most often on a wall or ceiling. When the camera is recorded and viewed using Digital Sentry, this setting ensures that the scene is properly de-warped and the DS PTZ operations work correctly. It should be set to match the installation position of your camera.

To select the camera mount position:

  1. Open a browser window and enter the IP address of the camera
  2. Enter the User name and Password for this camera. First screen you see will be the Control Panel Screen.
  3. To set the image controls, Select the Image tab along the right bottom pane.
  4. Either of the following options are available: Wall, Ceiling, Table.
  5. When a camera is mounted to a wall it may need to be mounted upside down to help with routing of the cabling. When the Wall Mount option is selected on the web page, an additional invert option is available to invert the video image if the camera is mounted up-side down. This only inverts the video image when the Wall mount setting is selected.



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