Johnson Controls P2000 Security Management System is unable to call up events from specific Endura cameras and monitors.


P2000 displays an error message stating "Unable to connect to monitor"

Product Line

Other, Pelco Video Management



The P2000 requires the friendly name of the device match in the WS5000 and Sarix web interface.  The monitors ie VCD5202 or NET5402R-HD monitors also require that the friendly name in the WS5000 matches the P2000 programming.


  • Delete the camera from the SM
    • This is not required but we did this to ensure there was no trace of it in the SM5000/SM5200 database while we were troubleshooting.
  • Reset Sync and Security on the device.
  • Login to the camera web interface and go to System > Device Name > Set the name that will be used in the WS5000 software and P2000. Click Save then Reboot the device.  

    For monitors, ie VCD5202 or NET5402R-HD , rename the monitor to match the P2000 name via Endura Workstation Setup > Devices then click Apply.  In this example the P2000 name is CALL UP MONITOR 3

  • Delete devicesonline.dat on the workstation.
  • In the WS5000 software give the camera a unique number and name. Use what was entered in the web interface of the device.
  • In Endura Utilities under the Devices tab locate the device and navigate to the 3rd level down. The Friendly Name field should be what is listed in the web interface.
  • On the P2000 Workstation:
    • Remove the cached *.xml files (Similar to devicesonline.dat)
      • C:\Pelco\(Some randomly generated folder name)\*.xml
      • C:\Pelco\*.xml (7 files)
        • Do not delete libmap.xml
    • Restart Xportal (P2000 service)
  • Attempt to call up the camera from the P2000.