When viewing snow, the Spectra camera displays dark video


Spectra is closing automatically when moved, producing very dark video when viewing white snow on the ground in the scene.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra Series Cameras


The Auto Iris is detecting the snow in the video scene as a very bright light and is adjusting the iris to compensate.


Adjust the Auto Iris level higher in order to account for the bright white snow in the scene to brighten the picture.


  1. Access the internal camera menu by using the 95 Preset.
  2. Select the Dome Settings option and press Open Iris.
  3. Select the Camera option and press Open Iris.
  4. Select the Advanced Settings option and press Open Iris.
  5. Select the Auto Iris Level and press Open Iris to select the value.
  6. Move up or down to raise or lower the brightness level that the camera will use.
  7. Once a good video level has been found, press Open Iris in order to save the settings.
  8. Select Exit and then press Open Iris to leave the Camera Menu.