Sarix camera fails to update Time and Date from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server after it has been configured manually through command line in SSH mode.


Camera should update time and date from the NTP server when configured through SSH. But It reverts back to 1970.

To replicate issue:

  1. Enable SSH on the camera and establish an SSH connection
  2. From the command line, set any date/time on the camera. 
  3. Notice in the Web client that the date/time matches that set using SSH.
  4. Using the Web client, set a manual NTP server (I used

 The camera should update the time to that of the NTP server.

The actual results are the camera date and time reverts to 1970, as if time has never been set.

This issue occurs whenever a date/time is manually set using the Linux "date" command through SSH

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Sarix Legacy Series ID, IE, IM, IX
  • Sarix Proffesional IBP, IMP, IXP
  • Sarix Enhanced IME, IXE
  • All firmware versions


A firmware bug occurs: the web UI  does not configure by the SSH command and resets Date and Time back to 1970.


When setting the time or time server use the web UI.  The time/date should be set using the Web client only (and not using the "date" command by SSH'ing into the camera.)

Engineering will be working on a fix in a future release