Oncam Grandeye Cameras and Digital Sentry Support.


What version of DS supports the EVO and HALOCAM series of cameras

OnCam Grandeye Evolution Requirements

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry 7.5.609 and above.
    • EVOLUTION (EVO-05) series all models version 1.4.7 and higher. Supports 360° de-warping.
  • Digital Sentry 4.2 and above
    • Halocam IPW MJPEG only


Digital Sentry Supported IP Cameras

OnCam Grandeye Evolution Requirements


OnCam Grandeye Evolution Requirements


EVOLUTION Series requires Digital Sentry version 7.5.609 and higher, for information refer to the Edge Device list page 8: C1024RN-G_DS_EdgeDeviceList.pdf

  • Note: If you have an EVOLUTION series Oncam Grandeye camera but DS Quick Setup is detecting the camera as a "Halocam", verify the Digital Sentry/DS Admin software is at version 7.5.609 or above.  Older DS versions will detect a Oncam Grandeye Evolution as a Halocam.

Halocam is an older implementation that supports MJPEG only, for more information refer to page 6 of the Edge Device list: C1024RN-G_DS_EdgeDeviceList.pdf


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