Install Esprit Pan Tilt (PT) to Power module (ESTX).


Where are the 1/4-20 nuts and washers located to mount the PT to the ESTX module.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Esprit IP Series all models.
  • ES4036 and ES4136 Series all models.
  • ES40P and ES41P Series all models.
  • ESPT41 and ESPT41P Pan Tilts.
  • ESPT40 and ESPT40 P Pan Tilts.
  • ESTX series Power modules.


  • Installation.


The 1/4-20 nuts and washers are packaged and located in a hardware bag along with the Locktite inside the ESTX power module.

Directions to install the PT to the ESTX can be found in the Esprit SE Series Installation/Operation manual; Page 13 Step 9.