The Drop List of Point Control in I/NET Summary on Secondary Monitor doesn't Work


When opening I/NET on a secondary monitor, and open the point control window of I/NET summary for a digital output, the drop list for the point doesn't work. Nothing is shown in the drop list.

Product Line

TAC I/NET, SmartStruxure Solution





There is a 3rd party system dll file out of date for I/NET.


  1. There is a 3rd party system dll file under the folder C:\Program Files\INET Seven\Program Files (Program Files (x86)) if for a 64 bit Operation System called SftBx32.dll. Click here to download the new dll file and extract it.
  2. Close I/NET IO Server and SmartStruxure Enterprise Server
  3. Copy this new dll file and replace the old one under that path.
  4. Start I/NET and SmartStruxure again, and it should work now.