Wire and configure Alarms on the Genex Multiplexer.


The Genex can be wired for an alarm contact to trigger a monitor to display a camera's live video, and close a relay contact used for Time lapse VCR's and recording.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • MX4000 Series Genex Multiplexer


  • Alarm Contacts



Refer to Alarm contacts in the Genex Manual. Download 


To program system parameters:

1. Press the VIEW button for approximately three seconds until the System Setup menu appears. Type the password, if requested. The currently selected menu item blinks.

2. Use the arrow buttons to move between items on the screen.

3. Do one of the following when the menu item you desire is highlighted (blinking):

• If a menu item has more than one option, press the +/- button to cycle through the options to select the one you want.

• If a menu item has only one option, press the +/- button to select it.

Note that just parking on the option does not change it; you must also press the +/- button.

Set monitor to respond to alarms.