View RTP stream frame rate (fps) using Wireshark.


Use Wireshark to determine what frames per second the DVR is receiving from an IP camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Wireshark
  • RTP Marker
  • UDP
  • IP Camera
  • Digital Sentry


Unsure if the configured IP camera frame rate is being received by the DVR or Client PC.


  1. Run Wireshark as administrator.
  2. Once Wireshark loads, highlight the Local Area Connection which is in the IP camera network and then click Capture Options.

  3. Verify there is a checkmark next to the correct Local Area Connection adapter.
    1. In the Capture Filter field, type in host
    2. In the Stop Capture Automatically After.... check the box for minutes(s) and set a time limit. Example: 3 minutes.
    3. Click Start

  4. Allow the capture to finish and then click on the Statistics toolbar menu and select IO Graph.

  5. In the Wireshark IO Graphs:, set the following parameters:
    • Graph 1 - Filter Field type in rtp.marker == 1  Style: FBar
    • X Axis - Tick interval: 0.001 sec  Pixels per tick = 5
    • Y Axis - Unit: Bytes/Tick   Scale: Auto  Smooth: No Filter 

      Use the millisecond time between each first marker and divide 1000 by the ms difference.
      This graph is from a Sarix IXE10LW running at 30fps.


Note: This will show the frames per second of the RTP network stream at the capture location, depending on network performance these result may not match the camera's configuration.


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