Esprit Series Zones and Zone Blanking


Video blacks out and displays the text message of Video Blank when moving the Esprit camera left or right for pan movement.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ES30C Series
  • ES40 Series
  • Esprit              



Moving camera left or right causes video to go black and display text of Video Blank.


The Esprit series features Zone programming. A Zone is an area that is user defined for area identification or area association. User may select a specific areas with a title (ES40 series), or select to blank out the video (ES40/ES30 series). Zone blanking prevents area from being viewed and will generate a black screen with the text of "Video Blank".

Note: To program or disable Zone programming of the Esprit series, access the cameras 95 preset menu. View Lessons Learned LL#11245 for how to access Esprit 95 Preset menu.

ES30C/ES31 Esprit series:

  1. Position the cursor beside OTHER and press the IRIS OPEN.
  2. Position the cursor beside ZONE BLANK and press the IRIS OPEN.
  3. Position the cursor beside the zone for desired blank option.
  4. Press the IRIS OPEN button. The cursor moves to the right, beside the word On or Off.
  5. Move joystick Up or Down to toggle between the words On and Off.
  6. Press the Iris Open button to select your choice.
  7. Move cursor to Exit and press Iris Open to save.
  8. View the Esprit ES30/ES31 series navigation menu tree here: MENU TREE


ES40/ES41 Esprit series:

  1. Position the cursor beside SETTINGS and press the IRIS OPEN.
  2. Position the cursor beside ZONES and press the IRIS OPEN.
  3. View the attached zones programming page for additional detailed steps here: Zones Programming