How to add and configure an Oncam Grandeye EVO-05 / EVO-12 to a Digital Sentry system.


  • New Oncam Grandeye EVO-05 needs to be added to a Digital Sentry recorder.
  • When attempting to view the grandeye camera in controlpoint it causes it to crash due to being added manually and does not have the appropriate PTZ driver needed for dewarping.
  • Quick setup doesn’t find camera, but the browser, config tool, and endura utilities can view camera.
  • Onvif driver is not found.
  • Can’t manually add the camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry Software versions:
    • EVO-05 requires 7.5.609 or greater.
    • EVO-12 requires 7.12.156 or greater.
  • DS NVs
  • DS
  • Oncam Grandeye EVOLUTION 360
    • EVO05 requires firmware 1.9.12 or greater
    • EVO12 requires firmware 1.3.87 or greater


Initial setup and configuration of a EVO-05 360 IP camera for recording on a DSSRV.


Network discovery options for a Evolution 360 camera: Finding the Evolution 360-Degree cameras

Visual Tutorial:


  • EVO05: Digital Sentry server software version must be 7.5.609 or greater.
  • EVO12: Digital Sentry server software version must be 7.12.156 or greater.
  • DSSRV / DSSRV2: Recommend upgrading the DS server software to the lastest version whenever possible. The DSSRV recorders support up to 6 EVO05 or 6 EVO12 cameras when using Motion Recording and 8 EVO05 or 8 EVO12 with continuous recording.  The DSSRV2 recorder supports 8 EVO05 or 8 EVO12 cameras with Motion or Continous recording.
  • Oncam Grandey EVO 360: Recommend upgrading to the lastest release firmware for these cameras if using motion detection / recording. (EVO5 Firmware  EVO12 Firmware click 'Sort by:' and select 'Release Date')   
  • Oncam Grandeye Camera Configuration Tool: Recommend installing on either a client station or the Digital Sentry recorder to assist with initial camera configuration. Download here

The user credentials in the camera must be the default admin, admin in order for the camera to be added via DS Quick Setup.  The camera will not be detected or will not add manually using "Add Camera" if the password has been changed.  You can change the password after the camera has been added using DS Quick Setup and then update via DS Admin > Camera > Edit IP Camera Settings.

Add the Oncam Grandeye 360 IP camera to Digital Sentry

  1. Connect the Evolution EVO-05 / EVO-12 IP camera to a PoE power source and the network.
  2. The default IP address for the Evolution 360 is if no DHCP server is present.
  3. The IP address can be configured using the cameras web interface or the Camera Configuration Tool.

    Using the Camera Configuration Tool:
    1. Run the Camera Configuration Tool and select the 'Camera Type'  "Evolution-05 Camera" or "Evolution-12 Camera" depending on your model.  The newly installed Oncam Grandeye Evolution should be detected and displayed in the list.
      1. Check the box next to the IP address of the camera in the list.
      2. Click on the Network Settings tab beneath the list and then click the Get Network Settings button.
      3. Enter the default password user: admin pass: admin and then click OK.
      4. You should receive a message reporting SUCCESSES: 1, click OK and then OK again.
      5. The current IP address information should now be populated,  under DHCP select Disabled and then enter the preferred Static IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
      6. Click Save Network Settings button to push the new IP address information to the camera.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes and then either run a Full Discover or select View in IE to access the web interface.


    Using the EVO 360 cameras web interface:
    1. Access the web interface of the camera by opening a web browser and entering in the default IP address
      1. Enter the default user: admin pass: admin
      2. Allow VLC and if prompted enter the password again.
      3. Click on the ADMIN menu option and then the Network button.
      4. Next to DHCP select the radial button next to Off, then add the preferred IP information.
      5. When finished select Apply IP Settings



  5. Run DS Quick Setup on the Digital Sentry recorder (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS Quick Setup.)
    1. Select YES to the UAC security prompt.
    2. Select Add/Remove IP Cameras - Keep Existing Configuration and click Next.
    3. Select the record method you prefer and then click Next.
    4. Allow a minute or two for the camera to be detected in the DS Quick Setup IP Camera Search.
      1. There can be 2 cameras detected and listed with the same IP address, we do not want to select the camera listed with the Name: ONVIF.
      2. Highlight and check the box next to the camera listed with a Model EVOLUTION and Name: Grandeye  (or if the name was changed already in the camera, look for the changed name).
        Note: Do not select the camera listed as ONVIF as we do not support ONVIF with the EVO-05/EVO-12.



        ***If the Grandeye camera is not detected - occasionally only the ONVIF driver is detected, if this happens follow the below steps. If the below steps do not work make sure the password has not been changed in the camera. The password will need to be default for camera to show up in DS Quick setup.
        1. Click the Add Camera button.

        2. Enter the Camera  IP Address: of the Oncam Grandeye EVO-05/EVO-12 camera and select the Camera Type: Grandeye

        3. Click Ok
        4. The camera should now be listed, if still not listed verify you can ping the camera and it is online.
      3. With camera selected and checked in DS Quick Setup, verify the following settings:
              Note: EVO-05 will have 13 for Channel, the EVO-12 will have 29 for Channel. If not detected correctly this can be change in ds admin.
        1. Quality tab:
          • Compression: H264
          • Resolution:
            • EVO-05 2144x1944  (1488x1360 @ 15FPS is also supported with DS v7.8.90 and later software),
            • EVO-12 3200x3000  (DS 7.16 server software or greater, other resolution options are supported for EVO12's, DS 7.12 - 7.15 server software will result in DS service failure if anything other than 3200x3000 used)
          • Framerate: EVO-05 1 - 10  10 MAX, EVO-12 1 - 12 12 MAX.
          • Quality: 80
        2. PTZ tab:
          • Enabled
          • Type: Grandeye Database Ptz Driver
        3. Authentication tab:
          • Username and Password: = The IP cameras user credentials
          • Validate button to confirm authentication with camera is successful.
        4. Recording tab:
          • None: No recording
          • Continuous Recording: Record video 24/7
          • Event Based Recording: Record video based on Motion activity or Sarix Analytics.
        5. Motion tab:
          • In-Camera : Must be configured within the cameras webpage.
          • Server-side: This option is currently not supported.
          • No Motion Detection: Use this if recording using the Continuous Recording option.
        6. Audio tab:
        7. Grandeye Configuration tab:
          • View: Select Virtual PTZ Camera (this option can be changed when viewing in DS ControlPoint)
          • Orientation: Select the option which matches how the camera is installed.  This is important when using the virtual PTZ function.
      4. Click Next and verify the Grandeye camera is listed.

      5. Click Next again to configure.

      6. Click Finish to complete and close the DS Quick Setup Wizard.
    5. Verify recording and video using DS ControlPoint.

      NOTE: When viewing video from a Evolution 360 Grandeye camera, the Time and Date stamp is currently provided by the Evolution Grandeye camera and not by DSCP.
    6. With the camera display panel selected, click on the Grandeye Settings   icon to access the different view options


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