DVX MasterControl adjusting motion sensitivity.


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How do I make the motion detection on a DVXi more sensitive.

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Pelco Video Management


  • MasterControl
  • DVXi
  • DVX500
  • DVXe


Motion detection sensitivity not sensitive enough for camera distance from object.


Adjusting Motion Settings

  1. Creating Motion Masks:
    1. A motion mask can help you reduce unwanted recording by causing MasterControl to ignore motion events that occur in certain portions of an image. For example, if you have a camera at a front entrance that happens to capture the receptionist’s desk, you might not want to record all of the receptionist’s movements if they don’t present a security risk—because the images would consume valuable disk space for storage. You can easily create a motion mask as large or as small as you want and in a virtually unlimited pattern.
    2. On the Setup page, select the Motion tab.
      Note: Information on this tab is inaccessible while MasterControl is in recording mode (Disable record mode from the Schedule tab > STOP button) .
    3. At the bottom of the page, click the button for the camera you want to create the mask for. Live video from the camera appears in the view screen.
    4. On the view screen, use your mouse to “paint” the areas of the picture where motion should not be detected; a blue box appears wherever you click.
    5. To erase portions of the mask, click on an area with a blue box in it and drag the cursor to wherever the mask should be eliminated.
    6. To eliminate a motion mask, click the Clear Mask button.

      Note: The changes are applied automatically. For the mask to apply to recording, you must record in Motion mode; the mask does not affect recording in Free mode.

  2. Motion Sensitivity
    1. The Motion tab on the Setup page allows you to configure MasterControl’s motion sensitivity. There you can adjust the following three settings:
      • Percentage Area - the percentage of an image that must differ from the previous image for MasterControl to recognize motion. For example, if you set this to 2000, approximately 20 percent of a captured image must differ from the previous captured image for MasterControl to begin recording.
      • Sensitivity - the pixel value change required for MasterControl to recognize motion. For example, suppose you set a high Sensitivity level. If each pixel of video changes only a little bit (perhaps if it falls into a dim shadow), recording is not triggered. Adjusting the slider to the left is more sensitive and adjusting the slider bar to the right is less sensitive.
      • Number of Frames Between Reference - allows MasterControl to continuously create a new reference image to compare future images to. For example, if a location being captured is becoming darker (perhaps if the sun is setting), MasterControl can reset its reference image every 50 images so that light-level changes that occur during that time aren’t compared to drastically different light levels that were present more than 50 images earlier.