DS ControlPoint plays video back at high speed - fastforward.


DS ControlPoint plays video back at a high speed even though the mode is Play Forward 1x.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint
  • Digital Sentry
  • DS NVs
  • DS XPress
  • IP Camera Recording
  • MPEG4/H.264


Scheduled record mode for the IP camera in DS Admin is set to use Medium or Slow storage rate.  Depending on the IP Cameras i-Frame interval configuration, a timelapse recording situation can occur cause the realtime video playback in DS ControlPoint to seem fast.


Change record rate from Medium or Slow to Fast.

  1. Open DS Admin (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS Admin)
  2. Login with an administrative user account (default = User: admin Pass: admin )
  3. Expand the Cameras folder and locate the problem camera.  Click on the camera name to load the cameras configuration tabs.
  4. Check the Time-lapse Storage and Event Storage tabs to see what schedule is being used (could be both). 
  5. If the Storage rate of "Medium" or "Slow" is being used the schedule will be filled in with either Black or Red color.

  6. Click the blue box next to "Fast" and then fill in the schedule for the time desired (for always record, select the "Full Week Fast" button.)

  7. Click Save and then close DS Admin.
  8. Allow the unit to record for 5 to 10 minutes, then run DS ControlPoint and do a Quick Review for the last minute.  Verify playback is now at a normal rate. 


This happens when recording IP cameras using MPEG4 or H.264 compression and using medium or slow storage rates (MJPEG is not effected). The software is unable to match the listed medium or low storage rate number because each frame from the camera is not a full video frame and instead uses a i-Frame (full/key frame) along with P-Frames (Partial/Predicted frames).  This means that individual frames cannot simply be dropped because the software is unable to display P-Frames without the i-Frame but can display i-Frames without the P-Frames. The "Medium" storage rate will record every i-Frame received from the IP camera and the "Slow" storage rate will record every other i-Frame

With Pelco Sarix IP cameras, the DS software configures the i-Frame interval at the camera to create two i-Frames every second. This results in Pelco IP cameras recording at 2FPS when the schedule is configured for "Medium" and 1FPS when the schedule is set for "Low". With 3rd party IP Cameras this can result in a record rate at less than 1 frame per second (depending on the cameras i-Frame interval configuration if set to less then 1 a second) causing the fast playback. Pelco Evolution cameras are not supported using medium or slow frame rate and must be set to fast frame rate only for recording.


  • Medium Storage Rate = every i-Frame
  • Slow Storage Rate = every other i-Frame
  • Pelco IP camera i-Frame interval with DS should = 2 i-Frames per second depending on frame rate.
  • 3rd Party IP cameras may have a low i-Frame interval causing the fastforward playback in DS ControlPoint.   Example: 1 i-Frame every 3 seconds..or if the camera is set to 5FPS and the i-Frame interval is set to 1 every 15 frames.

If the IP camera allows, you can configure the i-Frame interval via the cameras web interface to a value which will produce at least 1fps when using medium rate. 
Recording using the MJPEG compression works with medium and slow storage rates because every video frame is a full frame of video.

Note: DS XPress recorders can configure medium and slow storage rates below 1FPS for analog cameras which can also experience this issue, changing the scheduled rate to "Fast" will resolve as well as configuring the medium and slow rates in DS Admin > VAU(s) > click on system name > VAU Info tab to a value at or above 60 Frames Per Minute.