IP camera audio and video are out of sync in Digital Sentry systems.


IP camera audio and video can become out of sync on Digital Sentry systems. This may lead to the integrity of the video/audio evidence being called into question.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • IP camera audio


Unlike DVD’s or movies, our video/audio files are not linked in a frame-by-frame manner. That means that both files have a common start time and, given enough resources, should run pretty much in parallel and produce what looks like lip-sync between audio and video. We have heard of some instances though where older PC’s or other extraneous circumstances have caused the video and audio to be slightly off.


If the integrity of an export is called into question, the export can be validated using the IMedia player.

  1. Open export using IMedia player.
  2. Click Options and select Authenticate Video.
  3. Once authentication is complete, click OK.
  4. The top of the video will now state if the video is authentic or not.