Pole adapter option to mount the WCS1-4 power supply to a round pole.


Option to adapt a WCS1-4 to a round pole.

Product Line

Pelco Transmission & Power


  • WCS1-4
  • PA402


Mounting WCS1-4 to a round pole


The WCS1-4 single channel power supply was originally designed for a flat surface (wall) mounting option. The mounting hole pattern is a square arrangement (view image or click on image for specification sheet).

The PA402 pole adapter was originally designed for adapting our wall mount options to a pole. The PA402 meets the WCS1-4 hole pattern dimensions which makes pole adaption of the WCS1-4 possible. (click on image for view of PA402 specification sheet).



Note: If mounting a Spectra Pendant camera to a pole, it is recommended to consider the IWM24-GY (wall mount with built in power supply) for integration with the PA402.