Power supply is blowing its fuse when wired to an outdoor PTZ camera.


What power supply should I use with a outdoor PTZ camera?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • DF8-PG-E0
  • DF8-PG-E1
  • WCS1-4


Current draw is blowing fuse at power supply


The recommended power supply for an outdoor environmental PTZ camera is the WCS1-4 (100 VA)

Environmental Cameras draw more current to power blowers and heaters.

Electrical characteristics of the outdoor DF8:

  • Input Voltage: 14-30 VAC
  • Power Requirements: 58 VA
  • NOTE: Early models of the DF8 were at 75 VA (volt amps) by design. The early models can be identified by the sidewall mounted heaters (orange heater pads) and fans.