DX4104 Series RS-422 Testing Procedure.


  • PTZ control does not work.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4104 Series DVR.
  • RS-422 non-standard connection.


  • Test and verify PTZ setup and output signals.


For Pan, Tilt, and zoom control setup in the DX4104 programming; Read How to Set Up PTZ Control over 2 wires on the DX4100 DVR

After PTZ settings have been configured and applied to the DATA ports, connect a VOM (volt, ohm, meter) to the TX+ and TX- ports on DATA 1 or DATA 2 output terminals.

The DVR output is a Non Standard RS-422 output signal

There should be a constant DC voltage of 0.44 VDC and when the PTZ controls are clicked using the mouse this constant will fluctuate from 0.01-1.9 VDC.