NET5400T Power Block and Relay, Alarm terminal block parts


What are the part numbers for the NET5400T Series power block and relay/alarm connector?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • NET5401T
  • NET5402T
  • NET5404T


  • NOTE: The power block and alarm/relay terminal connector are provided from the factory within the manual kit. (manual kit image)
  • If powering the NET5400T Series by a single transformer, the power block is required.
  • If wiring Relays & Alarms to the NET5400T, the Alarm/Relay terminal block is required


NET5400T Series Encoder part numbers that are originally provided within the encoder manual kit:


CN54-1214-0204   Four Position connector for power*
CN50-0933-0001  Connector Pin, Female. (Qty of 2 required.
See LL#10280 for detailed information)*
  TB05-9305-0002G    Alarm/Relay terminal block, 16 position.
 PB00-0501-0701       Bumper Feet for base. (Qty of 4)
MS08-5170-0001 Wrist Strap, Grounding, Disposable. 

* The CN50 or CN54 parts are not required if using the NET5400PS power supply. View the following image for details: NET5400PS image view

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