Setting Termination on Video Inputs of the CM8500 Matrix


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How to configure the video looping of CM8500 Matrix?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM8500
  • CM8502A


  • Connecting a video cable to looping out port of the CM8500 requires buffer card setting.
  • Loss of PTZ control when connecting to loop-out port of CM8500.  


Setting Termination on Video Inputs of the CM8500 Matrix

The termination settings for the 32 video inputs are individually assigned on the Buffer Card. There are  64 jumpers located on the component side of the board, two jumpers for each video input (designated V1 through V32). Refer to Figure 9. The board will have to be removed from the motherboard in order to change the setting(s).

Insertion/Extraction of the Buffer Card

The Buffer Card occupies the second slot (from the backplane) on the motherboard. To install the Buffer Card, align the card with the socket and card guides and press firmly into place. To remove the card, lift up on the pcb top attached plastic handles. View buffer card location here (motherboard image)

NOTE: Jumper positions 1 and 2 apply to the terminating/looping status of the individual video inputs. Jumper positions 3 and 4 apply to the Coaxitron/two-wire compatibility of the individual receiver.


Video Looping from CM8500 to secondary system (DVR/HVR) for sharing of video.