Available PMCL532A cable connections.


  • Does the PMCL532A monitor have an HDMI input?
  • What are the available connections to the PMCL532A monitors?
  • My DVR does not have an output to match the PMCL532A's inputs; what do I do to connect to this monitor?

Product Line

Pelco Monitors


PMCL532A ONLY (Not the "F" series monitors)


Customers are using newer DVR and monitor output options that do NOT match the available inputs on a PMCL532A monitor.


The PMCL532A monitor's have the following input cable connection options:

  • BNC (X2) - for analog video input (looping output available as well)
  • S-Video (1) - for Super-Video inputs (looping output available as well)
  • RGB (X1) - for Red/Green/Blue video inputs
  • Component (X1) - for Chroma and Luminance inputs
  • DVI (X1) - there is no distinction between , DVI-A, DVI-D or DVI-I but since this is an older style monitor, it is most likely a DVI-D input.