Does the Spectra HD offer Back Box Memory?


Does swapping Spectra HD dome drives require programming of new dome drive?  (presets, preset tour, etc)

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • D5118
  • D5220
  • D5230


Existing back box housing with new or swapping of dome drive


The Spectra HD Series feature no option to transfer it's saved program settings to another or new Spectra HD dome drive. The back box does not hold memory of previous programmed camera settings.The Spectra HD for individual camera features a Backup and Restore option. 

Backup and Restore Settings

The backup and restore settings page includes configurable fields for backup and restore of a camera settings. Once the camera settings have been configured for optimal scene display, use the backup feature to save the camera settings. If the camera settings are changed and inadvertently result in a less desirable image, use the restore feature to restore the camera to the previously saved settings.

NOTE: This feature is not intended for the configuration of multiple units or for firmware upgrades. The backup file is associated with dome drive/mac address.

View Backup and Restore Settings page here.