DX8100/DX8000 is hanging at the Open PDB splash screen when booting up


The DX8100 is frozen at the "Open PDB" splash screen and has not changed for over 5 minutes.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8000 - All Versions
  • DX8100 - All Versions


  • Large HDD Capacity
  • External SCSI/USB storage in use
  • HDD hardware failure, file system or file corruption


The DX8100 may take up to 30 minutes to boot. This happens because the Pelco Database utility checks the integrity of the video files saved on the internal and/or external HDD (if one is connected).  If the "Open PDB" screens hangs for longer amounts of time it could possibly be an indication of the following issues:

  1. The utility is corrupt which indicates DX8100 software corruption.
  2. The Database is corrupt which indicates DX8100 software corruption.
  3. There could be bad sectors on a storage drive.
  4. The motherboard may have a bad controller.

For information on troubleshooting possible hard drive or file system problems, refer to article: DX8100 troubleshooting hard drive (HDD) procedure

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