DVR5100 Remote Client install and setup.


  • Full install and setup of the DVR5100 Remote Client
  • Error 1721 when installing the DVR5100 Remote Client

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DVR5100 All Versions
  • DVR5100 Remote client Version 1.5


  • Full install of DVR5100 Remote Client
  • Installing the DVR5100 Remote Client requries "Run as administrator"


  1. Download DVR5100 Remote Client software (here)
  2. Install the DVR5100 Remote Client
    Right click on the DVR5100 Remote Client install and Run as Administrator

    Select Next:

    Accept the Terms and click on Next:

    Click Next:

    Click Next:

    Click Next:

    Click Install:

    Select Always trust then Install:

    Install is complete
  3. Configure the DVR5100 Remote Client software.

    Select Add Connection:

    Enter admin for the password:

    View the DVR5100 settings by going into Setup then Network. Make sure to enable remote client

  4. Enter a Connection name:  This can be any name
    Enter the Server address:  This is the IP address of the DVR5100
    Enter DVR Mode:  Standalone
    Connection Type:  VPN (Grayed Out)
    System Manager address (Do not change this address)
    Port:  The Port number should be left alone (27235)
    Access Key:  This key can be obtained from the DVR5100 Setup page
    Click OK when finished.

    Logon with the DVR5100 user and password:

Troubleshooting issue after install

To configure Windows 7 Firewall see Lessons Learned Article #10653.