Creating single Array on a DX9200HDDI using Quick setup.


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Creating single Array on a DX9200HDDI using Quick setup.  

Setup Raid 5 on the DX9200

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DX9200HDDI Array quick setup information.


Creating single RAID Array (Quick Setup)

  1. On the DX9200HDDI front panel, Press the Ctrl Button.
  2. "To CONTROLLER PRESS ANY KEY" message is display on the LCD screen.
  3. Press the check mark button 8 times. To Enter password "00000000" (default password)
  4. The Main menu is displayed on the LCD screen.
  5. Press the up/down button to scroll to  "Quick Setup"
  6. Press the check mark button to enter  "Quick Setup" menu.
  7. Press the up/down button and press the check mark button to select Raid 5.
  8. Total number of drives in the storage Unit will be available. Press the up/down  button to display hard drive's that will be selected.
  9. Press the check mark button to select hard drive number.
  10. Press up/down button to scroll to  "YES" and Press the check mark button to select. 
  11. The DX9200HDDI will restart and start initializing. The initialization process will take five to fourteen hours depending on the numbers and sizes of the hard drives. The initialization status will be displayed on the LCD screen.Once the initialization is complete,the Array should be defined in "Window Disk Management.

DX9200HDDI front panel button location.