DX8100HDDI front and rear LED overview.


DX8100HDDI front and rear LED overview

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Pelco Video Management




DX8100HDDI front and rear overview LED information.


LCD Keypad Front Panel LEDs:

  • POWER (Blue)
    • ON indicates that power is being supplied to the subsystem.
    • OFF indicates that no power is being supplied to the subsystem.
  • Busy (White)
    • Flashing indicates that there is activity on then host/drive channels.
    • OFF indicates that there is not activity on the host/drive channels.
    • ON indicates that one or more component failure/critical event have occurred.
    • OFF indicates that the subsystem and all its component are operating normally.

Drive Tray LEDs

  • Drive Busy (Busy)
    • ON indicates read/write activity on then drive.
  • Power Status (Red/Green)
    • GREEN indicates that power is being supplied to the drive.
    • OFF indicates no power is being supplied to the drive or the drive tray is not properly installed.
    • RED indicates drive failure or faults have occurred.


  • Flashing (Green)
    • The power supply has not been turned on. The PSU module LED will blink when the subsystem is connected to a power source but has not been turned on.
  • Static (Green)
    • The PSU is operating normally and experiencing no problems.
  • Static (Red)
    • The PSU has failed and is unable to continue providing power to the subsystem.
  • OFF
    • The power cord is unplugged or the power cord is plugged but no power is being supplied from the power source.

Controller Module LEDs

  •  Controller Ready (Green)
    • ON: Indicates controller is active and operating normally.
    • FLASHING:Indicates controller initialization is taking place.
    • OFF:Controller is not ready for operation.
  • Hst_Bsy (Host Ports Busy) (Green)
    • FLASHING:Activites on the host ports.
    • OFF:No activities on the host ports.
  • Drv_Bsy (Drive Busy) (Green)
    • FLASHING:Activites on the drive side.
    • OFF:No activities on the drive side.
  • C_Dirty (Cache Dirty) (Amber)
    • ON:Indicates that data is currently being cached in memory or is being held up by the BBU during a system power loss.
  • BBU_Fail (Amber)
    • ON: Indicates the BBU has failed and cannot sustain cached  data.
    • OFF:Indicates the BBU can sustain cached data in memory.
    • FLASHING: The BBU is charging. (Note: The BBU is considered as an optional module.If a BBU has not been installed, then this LED is always off.)


Ethernet Port LEDs

  •  Link Status (Green)
    • ON: Indicates a valid connection to network.
    • BLINKING: Indicates active transmissions.