DX8000 Audio Enable


This product has been discontinued. For further information please visit pelco.com/support/discontinued-products


DX8000 is not recording audio.
No Live Audio from the DX8000.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8000 series


Audio Channel is disable, has a checked on Audio Disable.


To use the DX8000's audio features, the optional DX8000-AUD audio card must be installed. You can determine if the audio card is installed by checking the audio option status in the Channel Information section of the Camera page. The Audio states one of the following:

  • Not Installed
  • Installed (enable)

Consult your Pelco sales representative for more information regarding the DX8000-AUD option.

To set up audio for a camera:

  1. On the DX8000 toolbar, Click SETUP
  2. The setup dialog box opens to the Camera page.
  3. In the Selected Channel select the camera with corresponding audio.
  4. Check the Channel Information section to verify that the audio option is installed and available.
  5. In the Audio Settings section.
  6. Verify that the Audio Disable check box is not selected.
  7. Click Apply


NOTE:  DX8000 volume can be controlled from live video mode and video search mode using the volume control slider bar.  Audio can also be
muted / un-mute by clicking on the speaker icon located next to the volume control slider bar.


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