Connecting the Optional DX8000-AUD Audio Option


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No Live Audio from DX8000.
DX8000 recorded video not playing back Audio.

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Pelco Video Management


DX8000 Series


Audio cables are not connected on the DX8000 audio connection ports.


NOTE: The DX8000 supports audio recording capabilities with the installation of the DX8000-AUD audio expansion option.  Audio and Video inputs are configured in a one-to-one relationship (Audio inputs corresponds to video inputs).

Before using the audio recording features of the DX8000, consult the applicable laws regarding audio surveillance recording for your location.

Setting up Audio Inputs:

  1. Connect the 15-pin D-sub audio breakout connector to the rear of the DVR to provide eight individual audio inputs.

  2. Connect each of the eight RCA-type audio connectors to a line-level (+4 db) gain audio source,


NOTE: The DX8000-AUD option accepts an unbalance, line-level audio signal only. Line-level signal requires a voltage between -1v and +1v into an impedance of 1k /\ or more. 
This means that the output of most microphones will be too low to function when connected directly to the DX8000's audio inputs. In most applications, a preamplifier such as the
Louroe Electronics ASK-4 KIT #101 will be required to boost the signal of a microphone to a level that is acceptable for input into the DX8000.


Setting up Audio Output:

The DX8000 delivers a line-level monaural signal through a standard 0.125-inch phone jack on the rear panel of the DVR. It is recommended that the audio output of the DX8000 be
connected to an amplifier in order to boost up the output signal to a level that is sufficient to drive a speaker.

To setup audio output:

  1. Connect the audio output of the DX8000 to an audio amplifier.
  2. Connect the audio amplifier to a speaker.

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