What is power supply part number for KBD960?


  • The CM9505UPS is obsolete, what is the replacement?
  • What replaced the KBD960 power supply?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix



  • CM9505UPS
  • KBD960-US
  • PS01-3002-9015G


The CM9505UPS has no listed replacement available for reference.


The KBD960 is the older part number and this keyboard came with the CM9505UPS. Due to the new keyboards,  KBD960-US, having a new power supply, the valid replacement to the CM9505UPS will be the PS01-3002-9015G. Also select proper power cord part number from list for region. A suffix of -US, -UK, -AU, or -EU, designating a region-specific power cord, is added to the above model numbers when ordering. For example, a KBD960-US is a desktop keyboard with a power cord for use in the United States. Select the proper power cord:

  • US-320-C5
  • UK-320-C5
  • AU-320-C5
  • EU-320-C5