Reset the IME Series Sarix Enhanced IP cameras.


  • How do I reset the Sarix IME models back to defaults?
  • After resetting the IME119 back to defaults, it will not work.
  • Where is the reset button on the Sarix IME Enhanced model cameras?
  • What is the reset process on the IME Enhanced model cameras?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


IME Series IP camera:

  • IME119
  • IME219
  • IME3122
  • IME319


No reference was made to the Installation manual for the IME series cameras.


To reset an IMExxx model camera, you would press and hold the Reset button (labeled as "R" on the metal board part next to a recessed button hole) for at least 30 seconds as depicted below:

IME reset button location

The image above is linked to the IME's Installation manual C2269M-A. Page #12 is the reference page for the above information.

**NOTE** - If you see a DEFAULT button AND an "R" button next to an SD card slot, you do not have a Sarix IME series camera,  you have a Sarix IMP series camera and you can look at the article located here: LL#15960

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