Serial number is being confused as being part of the Sarix IM10LW10-1E model number and getting quoted incorrectly in Sales documents.


I have a customer that is asking for the IM10LW10-1E but it has extra letters in the part number can you tell me why?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Sarix series cameras to include the IM, IX, ID, IE, and the newer IxP and IxE models.


Due to the Browser interface of a Sarix camera showing something like: "IM10LW10-1E ADC-CXB1", customers are confusing that as the entire model number when the model number is simply the "IM10LW10-1E" part.


While referencing the Device Utilities' description of the Sarix cameras, there is the added serial number on the end of the actual model number of the Sarix camera. For instance, if referencing an IM series Sarix camera, in Device Utility and the Browser interface, you will see something along the lines of: "IM10LW10-1E ADC-CXB1" where the model reference ends at -1E and the serial number begins at the space in between.

When referencing the model number of a Sarix camera, simply leave off the last 7 digits that usually start with an "A" as the beginning to the serial number. The rest is the specific model of Sarix camera in question.