Triggering a Spectra IV or Esprit Auxiliary Outputs (AUX) with TXB-N IP Encoders from DS ControlPoint.


The Aux On/Off buttons in the DS ControlPoint client application are not triggering the auxiliary relay of a Spectra IV IP or Esprit camera using a TXB-N encoder.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS ControlPoint
  • Spectra IV IP H.264 and Esprit Positioning System 
  • Encoder model TXB-N with firmware version 1.9.12 and earlier


Not all auxiliary relay control commands are accessible through the TXB-N IP encoder from the DS ControlPoint PTZ Controls menu.


An action preset needs to be configured to allow the AUX 1 relay switch to be toggled through DS ControlPoint. This action preset can be triggered by calling the preset once it's been configured inside the camera per the following steps:

  1. Open DS ControlPoint and select the desired camera to be configured in the Live tab view.
  2. Activate the PTZ Controls interface by either clicking the  icon in the toolbar or right-clicking the video display and choose that option.
  3. Change the preset number to 95 by clicking in the preset number field and typing the numbers with the keyboard. You can click on the small up/down arrow buttons next to the preset number field in the PTZ Controls interface, but this may take a significant amount of time to reach preset 95.

  4. Click the Set button. The internal menu of the camera should be revealed. You may need to change the Layout to display just this single camera view (double click the camera video output) and expand the size of the DS ControlPoint application to better see the text in the menu on the camera video display.
  5. Using the large 8 directional PTZ arrow buttons, click the down or up arrow buttons until you reach the (DOME SETTINGS) option in the camera menu and click the Open Iris button to the left of the PTZ Controls arrow buttons.
  6. Click the PTZ arrow buttons until you reach the (PRESETS) option and click the Open Iris button.
  7. Click the Open Iris button on the PRESET NUMBER selection, then click the PTZ arrow buttons to scroll to the desired preset number you wish to toggle the AUX 1 relay with. You cannot use preset numbers with embedded functions such as preset 1 (Home PTZ location) or 95 (camera menu). Click the Open Iris button again once you've selected the desired preset number.
  8. Click the PTZ arrow buttons to move to the (MODIFY ACTION PRESET) option and click the Open Iris button.
  9. Click the Open Iris button on the ACTION PRESET option and use the PTZ arrows to choose ACTIVATE AUX then click the Open Iris button again to select it.
  10. Click the Close Iris button or use the PTZ arrows to move to the EXIT option, then click the Open Iris button to exit the camera menu.
  11. In the PTZ Controls preset number field, change the number to the preset number you just configured in the camera. 
  12. Click the Call button in the PTZ Controls menu to toggle the AUX 1 relay. An AUX 1 ON and AUX 1 OFF message will appear in the camera display as the relay is toggled on and off.


Multiple presets can be assigned with the ACTIVATE AUX action preset and will toggle the AUX 1 relay individually.

The auxiliary relay is set to TOGGLE by default. Each time the preset Call button is clicked the relay state is reversed.

Other available AUX modes configurable in the camera menu settings are:

  • TOGGLE (default): Changes the state of the auxiliary output every time an ACTIVATE AUX (Call preset button) is received from the controller.
  • LATCHING: Will turn AUX 1 on or off depending on receiving an Aux On or Aux Off command. This does not apply to the workaround in this article. LATCHING responds the same as TOGGLE when using the Call present button to activate AUX 1.
  • MOMENTARY: An ACTIVATE AUX (Call preset button) from the controller turns the auxiliary output on for the configured DWELL TIME. The auxiliary relay will automatically return to the normal state when the DWELL TIME is finished.