Converting a surface mount style/model IS20-CHV10S to a flush mount style/model.


  • Do you make a kit to convert the IS20-CHV10S to a Flush mount?
  • How do I convert my surface mounted IS20 camera to a flush mounted camera?
  • What does Pelco sell to convert my flash mounted IS20 series camera to a flush mount/in-ceiling camera?
  • What can I purchase a flush mount option for an IS20/21 series camera that is surface mounted instead?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IS21-DNV10S
  • IS21-DNV10SX
  • IS20-DNV10S
  • IS20-DNV10SX
  • IS21-CHV10S
  • IS21-CHV10SX
  • IS20-CHV10S
  • IS20-CHV10SX


Customer wanted to convert the IS20-CHV10S to a flush mount.


To mount the IS20/21 CH (Color High Resolution) and/or DN (Day/Night) Series purchase the IS20-FK flush mount kit.

Note: The IS20/21DWS (Wide Dynamic Range) will use the IS20DWS-FK kit instead.