Configure macros with preset camera positions.


Macros Configuration

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6700-MXB2
  • CM6700-MXB4


Configuration of Macros


Configuring the alarm and macro settings.

  1. On the CM6700 Series Matrix, enter the Main Menu by pressing the PGM Key on the Keyboard. 
  2. Enter the CM6700 Series password and press the ACK key. NOTE: The default password is 2899100
  3. Move down to the Alarms section of the menu then press ACK
  4. The Set Alarm Input menu should appear. Move down to Input 17 and 18 and press ACK. 
  5. The Set Alarm Input settings menu should appear. Alarms 17 and 18 are specifically for Macros Group Sequences. Using the F1 and F2 keys, toggle the Alarm Input setting at the top of the menu to 17 or 18. (This setting corresponds to the alarm connected to Alarm Inputs 17 or 18 on the back of the system). The F1 or F2 key will set the alarm on or off. The TYPE setting will set the Alarm Source (N.O. or N.C.) Sensor types. Use the F1 or F2 keys to select the type of sensor your alarm has.

Example: If your alarm wiring connects to Alarm Input 17, then you would select Alarm Input 17 on the menu. Alarm Input 17 will be used for this example. Once the correct Alarm Input has been selected, toggle down to ENABLE on the menu.

Alarm Inputs


Configuring the monitor to display the Alarm Event.  

  1. After setting the Alarm Source type, toggle down to the list of monitor inputs (MON), numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4. These settings will assign the monitor(s) that will be used for the Alarm Event. 
  2. Toggle down to MON 1. The CAM1 setting should be selected. Use the number keypad to enter the camera number that you wish to be displayed first on MON 1. Toggle to the right and set CAM2 to the camera number you wish to be displayed next on MON 1. Continue with the remaining monitors if needed using the same process as above.


Configuring the camera sequence.

  1. Toggle down to the MACRO PRESET MENU and press ACK. You should be in the MACRO PRESETS menu which looks similar to the Alarm Input Menu. You should see the monitor inputs (labeled MON), numbered 1 through 4. Toggle down to the MON 1 settings. The CAM1 PRE setting should be selected. Using the numbered keypad, enter the preset number to the corresponding camera that was selected in the previous step
    Macro Preset Menu
  2. Set the remaining preset numbers to each of the corresponding cameras. Toggle down to RETURN when finished and press the ACK key to save the settings.
    MON 1 should now be configured as the display monitor that will be used when this alarm is triggered and should trigger the preset position for each camera in the sequence.
    If more than four cameras are needed, you will need to select and configure another group sequence from the SET ALARM INPUT menu. Follow these instructions above to configure the MON 2 settings, the selected camera sequences, and the camera presets.