How to setup a relay from the ALM-1 Alarm Accessory in the WS5000 software.


When an alarm is generated the relay output of the ALM-1 Alarm Accessory must perform a specific action.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura version 2.x
Sarix version 1.9.x
ALM-1 Alarm Accessory


Wiring / misconfiguration


See Lessons Learned Article #16049 for instructions on how to setup an alarm from the ALM-1 Alarm Accessory.

  1. Wire the relay following the instructions on page 9 of the AUD-1 Audio and ALM-1 Alarm Accessories Installation Manual. In this scenario we are going to use pins 1 & 2 on the ALM-1 TB2 connector and wire it to an external device (a siren for example). 
  2. Login to the WS5000 software as the admin account and go to Setup > Devices and locate your Relay Arrays. Select the camera the ALM-1 is attached to from the list. This will typically say RelayArray - (Serial Number of the camera) - Device (000000000000000). Configure the relay using the screenshot below as an example then click Apply when finished.

  3. Create scripts as needed using Lessons Learned Article #12520. Select the appropriate relay mode and specify the relay device used in Step 2. Your script contents may be different. The below is an example. When an alarm is generated and the siren goes off the script will silence the siren when it is executed.

  4. If the relay to the door has to be bypassed, additional scripts can be created in order to turn the relay on or off. See the below example.

  5. When an alarm is triggered the appropriate script can be executed by clicking Tools > Execute Script > Highlight the correct one > Execute.
  6. Alternatively if Endura Mapping is being used the scripts can be associated to the appropriate camera icon.
    1. Launch Endura Mapping and Switch to Edit Mode.
    2. Right click the appropriate icon and select Edit Device Associations.
    3. Under Filter select Scripts.
    4. Add the appropriate scripts to the device and click OK.
    5. Switch to Live Mode.

  7. When an alarm is triggered the icon will turn red. Click on the icon and select Scripts. The scripts that were associated to the device can be executed from here.