How to identify a changed, lost, or otherwise unknown IP address using its MAC address.


The IP address of the Pelco camera or other Pelco network device has been changed, is incorrectly configured, or is unknown to the user or operator.  

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Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


MAC Addresses Explained

All network devices have a unique identifier called a MAC address. The MAC address (or Media Access Control address) is registered, "burned-in" physical address that is written in hexadecimal format. A MAC address will look similar to this --> 01:23:45:67:89:AB

The MAC address is broken into two parts; similar to a serial number, the first part is called the Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) and can identify the registered manufacture or company of the device.

Pelco's registered OUI is 00:04:7D. All of Pelco's network capable devices will have a MAC address that starts with 00:04:7D

Its good practice to document the devices MAC address and IP address before physical installation as it may be difficult to obtain once the device has been installed and in use.


Occasionally a Pelco network camera or network device may become unavailable due to an unforeseen change in the network or with a change in camera settings itself.  This is assuming that the camera is actually on the network, but is unavailable or unreachable due to the IP address being unknown to the camera operator or end user.

Reasons for this can be:

  • Duplicate IP Address on the local area network.
  • Invalid IP Address configuration settings, such as an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, or DNS server.
  • Network related issue such as routing, Firewall configuration, or other unforeseen network issue(s).  


Below are two Pelco applications that can help find an unknown IP address on the network.

  • Click here to download Pelco Device Utility 2 for Windows.
  • Click here to download Pelco Device Utility to for Mac.  

Once the Device Utility is installed, open the application and type in the device's full MAC address in the search field (see below)

Device Utility


  • If the search was successful, you will see the camera listed below the search field. Select the camera by checking the box, then look to the settings menu on the right side. Take note of the IP address and make any changes to the IP address settings, if needed.
  • If the camera or other device can be directly connect to (if you are able to connect a computer directly into the camera's network interface card with a standard Ethernet patch cable) or can plug the camera or device into a switch with only the computer also
  • NOTE: If your search for the camera unsuccessful (and the MAC address that was used is correct), the problem is likely due to an unknown network condition.