Xdriver enabled on Comm port, but no xdriver option list down for the comm port type.


Xdriver is enabled,   Open the BCX1 editor, click "options" tag, display comm port attribute as"Xdriver comm1: 00000009", but there is no "xdriver" listed from the drop down menu when click the arrow on the right of default type of the comm port.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


BCX1-CR-X, 4.500065

Cyberstation 1.81


Continuum support xdriver with BCX1-CR(BCX4040) from 1.82, any version earlier than 1.82 not support xdriver with BCX1-CR controller.


Upgrade all the Cyberstation to 1.9X.

To determine if a controller comm port is Xdriver enabled, pls refer to http://buildingskb.schneider-electric.com/view.php?AID=7962