How to manually activate PTZ camera auxiliary relays or Esprit wiper using VCD and KBD5000.


The system operator needs to actuate the wiper on the Esprit Positioning System, or use the auxiliary relay on Spectra IV or Esprit Positioning System.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • VCD5200 series Video Console Display
  • KBD5000 controller
  • Esprit or Spectra IV series Positioning System


The system operator would like to actuate an external device or wiper connected to the auxiliary relay of Esprit or Spectra IV series Positioning System.


The following process may be used in order to manually operate the auxiliary relay:

  1. Enter PTZ mode for the desired camera.
  2. Press '1' or other auxiliary number on the KBD5000's number pad to bring up the shortcut menu as shown below.

  3. Press the RED 'oooo' button to operate AUX function of the camera's receiver/driver.


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