What are the differences between the KBD300A and the KBD300 keyboards?


  • PTZ control issues with KBD300
  • Compatibility with KBD300

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6700 Matrix Systems
  • "Direct Mode" with PTZ cameras and KBD300 


  • KBD300 compatibility with Matrix systems
  • PTZ Control issues when in direct mode with KBD300


Differences between KBD300 and KBD300A Keyboards 

  • KBD300 has two different model types. An easy method to determine the model type is  to check the dip switch panel on the back of the KBD300. The older KBD300 models have 4 switches, the newer KBD300 models have 8 switches.

KBD300 Dip Switches

  •  The "turbo" switch on the KBD300 is SW-4 on both KBD300 models. The KBD300A "turbo" switch is sw-6.


  • The KBD300 can only use the RS-485 standardwith Pelco (P) Protocol, and 9600 baud rate for PTZ control using UTP wiring in "direct mode".


  • The KBD300 can only be used on the CM6700 Series Matrix System, or in direct mode as stated above.


  • If using more than one KBD300 keyboard,  the KBD300 wiring must be installed in parallel or "daisy-chained".

Remote Installation  

  • Keyboard Addressing is different between the two KBD300 keyboards. On the 4 switch model, switches 1, 2, and 3 determines the address of the keyboard. On the 8 switch model, switches 1, 2, 3, and 4 determine the address of the keyboard.