Front replacement window/gasket for the EH15 series enclosures.


  • We need a replacement window for our EH1512 enclosure; what is it?
  • What is the part number for the front lens of the EH15 enclosure?
  • How can I order the front window of an EH15 series enclosure without the part number?

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Pelco Cameras




Part number for the front window assembly is obscure and not outwardly facing to the customer.


The front window assembly is literally under the part number of MF00-6191-003B with the description of FRNT RIGD OVRMLD, WNDW ASSY, EH1512, but, this is NOT what should be ordered due to the gaskets for the rest of the enclosure being part of the windows assembly. 

The part to order is the MF00-6191-005C with the description of FRNT, 2ND OVERMLD, SEAL ASSY,EH1512 as this has the window, it's associated gasket AND the enclosure gaskets all in one part.