How do you add the Endura Workstation's secondary monitor to a monitor wall configuration?


During system setup, the system administrator wants to add the Endura Workstation's first and second monitors to the External Monitors workspace.

Product Line

Pelco Monitors, Pelco Video Management


  • Endura Workstation
  • Two or more monitors attached to the workstation
  • Pelco Sarix series IP cameras or IP video encoders


First time system setup.


The Endura system does not recognize additional monitors that are plugged into the Endura Workstation; the only Workstation monitor that may be added to a Monitor Wall or External Monitor configuration is the primary monitor of the system; as defined within the Microsoft Windows Operating System display settings.

In order to use multiple monitors that are plugged into the Endura Workstation, the system user may right-click the Workspace tab and use the "Float Tab" feature to detach the workspace and drag the workspace to another monitor.

Once the workspace has been dragged to a different monitor, the user can drag cameras from the Navigation window into the detached window and/or use the "Extended View" feature to render the detached workspace as a full-screen display with no application border or tool bar.

If the system user wants to exit Extended View mode, they can right-click anywhere within the camera view and select 'Exit Extended View'.

A detached workspace may also be re-docked into the Endura Workstation interface by clicking the "Dock Tab" button within the workspace toolbar.