Sarix Professional series cameras display error occured updating network when attempting to configure network settings.


  • My new Sarix Professional series cameras are not allowing me to configure a Static IP address without using a DNS address pr a Default Gateway. How do I move past this if I am not using a DNS system?
  • I am not using DNS but my IMP is forcing me to use an IP address for a DNS Server that does not exist; what IP address do I use?
  • If I am not using DNS, nor have a DNS Server online, how am I supposed to configure my IMP series Second Gen Sarix cameras?
  • The Sarix camera is displaying Hostname errors when updating network.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Sarix Professional series IMP, IXP, IBP


Camera stops allowing configuration to proceed until a DNS IP address is placed into the NIC's configuration.

The Hostname field contains camera model and serial number by default; the field must be populated to allow network configurations to proceed.


If a DNS Server is not in use, in order to get the IMP cameras online, there is a need to place an IP address in place of the DNS field anyway. You can simply use the Default Gateway so that the camera "thinks" it is a valid place to look for a DNS Server. By using the Default Gateway Address, the camera will allow you to move forward with configuration and setup.

To align product with Endura integration,  Sarix Professional was launched requiring a DNS and Gateway address.