Create Privacy Regions Oncam Grandeye (Window blanking)


How to setup Privacy regions on the Oncam Grandeye camera

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Oncam Grandeye EVO series


Setup privacy regions to gray out part of the video.


First you will need to log into the Oncam Grandeye camera with IE or Firefox

Next you select Privacy Regions

Then Select the region you wish to use and then name the region.

You can have a maximum of 10 regions setup

Click on Start under drawing

Click on the first place you would like to start your Privacy then the second place ETC... Until you complete your Region

Once you have completed your region then click save.

 To activate Region click on Enable Regions.

Once you activate the region it will then Blank out with a gray box the region you set.

 NOTE: You can overlap Privacy regions Example below

For Multiple Privacy Regions, Setup each Region for each area you wish to gray out.  The following picture shows one region with multiple items grayed out.  This is why it is best to use multiple regions if needed.