Spectra or Esprit camera models can pan left or right, but can not tilt up or down.


  • Belt drive is worn, damaged, or broken.
  • Belt drive gear is worn, damaged, or broken.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV Models
  • Spectra III Models
  • Esprit Models


When attempting to move the PTZ camera fails and is unable to tilt up or down, the likely cause is a broken or damaged belt drive.   

This can be confirmed if the following conditions exist:

a)  The camera can move left or right (pan) but can not move up or down (tilt).

b)  The startup initialization may complete successfully.                                                                                           

c)   When attempting to move the camera up or down, the azimuth will change as if the camera is operating normally.

There may also be clicking noises heard from the camera or slight movement or jitter from the camera when attempting to tilt up or down.


If the three conditions exist, the belt drive or the belt drive gear is worn or damaged and will need to be sent in for repairs.


If the camera is out of warranty and you wish to attempt to replace the belts, reference these part numbers for order:

PAN belt: DB00-0375-3155

TILT Belt: DB00-0375-3150