Pelco Device Utility displays notification of the need for Spectra Mini IP models to be updated to version 1.7 or higher in order to update firmware.


  • Why is it that the Pelco Device Utility is telling me that the Spectra Mini IP needs to have version 1.7 or higher to upload firmware?
  • Device Utility finds my Spectra Mini cameras, allows me to connect to them, but then tells me that I need version 1.7 firmware to continue? Where do I find this version?
  • Where can I download version 1.7 (or higher) firmware files for my Spectra Mini IP camera?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra Mini IP- All versions


The Pelco Device Utility was written/designed for use with the Sarix model cameras and not for the Spectra Mini IP model cameras.


You would have to use Endura Utilities to change the firmware in the Spectra Mini IP.

Device Utility states the need for version 1.7 or higher due to the fact that the Sarix model cameras work with version 1.7 and higher, whereas there is NO version 1.7 for the Spectra Mini IP cameras. This is due to a design and functionality for use with Sarix model cameras in general.