How to Wire and address more than 32 cameras on a CM6800 48 channel Matrix


The Cm6800E only allows 32 cameras to wire to each serial control output port.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • CM6800E-48x8 Series Video Matrix Switcher
  • CM6800-96x16 Series Video Matrix Switcher


Installation and maintenance.


Serial Wiring:

Wire up to 32 cameras to any one of the Matrix Serial control ports labeled PTZ A or PTZ B and address the cameras 1-32 even though the video may be connected to various video inputs.

Camera Parameters:

Access the Camera programming screen to select the control type for the device connected to each video input.

Control Options: Standard mode Coaxitron, extended mode Coaxitron, RS-422 PTZ through Port A or Port B on the rear panel, or through a Genex Multiplexer.

Identify the serial output port the Camera is connected to (PTZ-A or PTZ-B) and  select the appropriate camera port address (1-32). The camera port address must match the address setting configured on the PTZs camera DIP switch settings.

Serial Port Parameters:

Access the Port programming screen to configure the communication protocol type (Pelco P or Pelco D) for serial ports 9 (PTZ-A) and 10 (PTZ-B).

Default settings for PTZA and PTZ-B: PTZ-P, RS-422, 4800 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit.

You must also configure the PTZ cameras switch settings. Refer to the appropriate PTZ camera/receiver installation manual for configuration and address settings.