Can the Spectra HD track objects while its doing a tour?


How can the AutoTracker and Preset Tours features work together at the same time in the Spectra HD camera?

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Configuring the AutoTracker analytic to run during a Preset Tour sequence on the Spectra HD series IP camera.


Yes the AutoTracker feature can be running as an active analytic profile while a Preset Tour pattern is in progress. When the AutoTracker analytic detects movement, it will automatically start to track detected objects at the preset position the tour is presently at. When its dwell time of no activity has elapsed, the camera will move to the camera preset configured in the AutoTracker settings.

To have a Preset Tour resume its pattern after the AutoTracker feature finishes, it must be set to a Park Action source. The tour must start on a different preset than what is set in Camera Preset of the AutoTracker Profile Settings in the Analytics configuration. See related articles for details. The tour will restart and continue until the AutoTracker detects movement again or another PTZ function is given to the camera.

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