Do I need the elevation blocks EB1 or EB2 for the EHX4E, EHX6E, EHX6E-16, or the EHX8E Explosion Proof Enclosure?


Determining when the elevation blocks EB1 and EB2 are needed to securely mount the lens and camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Explosion Proof Enclosures EHX*E series models when elevation blocks are needed to securely mount the camera and lens.


In some installations, the camera and/or lens does not mount securely to the camera enclosure sled. This is due to the camera's low optical center line, or the diameter of the lens.

For example, if the lens is large, the camera or camera sled may sit at an angled position in the (EHX4E) enclosure (see example below).This angled position creates a gap from the camera's base to the sled and can not be mounted. The elevation blocks (EB1 or EB2) may be too large to use (as in this scenario with the EHX4E enclosure) and a larger enclosure is needed along with the elevation blocks to securely fit and mount the lens and the camera to the sled.

EHX4E Enclosure

           EHX4E Enclosure


If elevation blocks are needed to securely mount the camera and lens to the sled, and depending on the measurements of the camera and lens itself, a larger enclosure may be needed along with the elevation blocks. The elevation blocks are either a 1" or 2" rubber block that can fasten and securely mount the camera and/or lens to the camera sled.  


Below are the maximum lengths for the enclosure models.

Enclosure Model

Interior Diameter (empty enclosure, without heater/blower)



10.16-cm diameter x 30.48-cm length (4 x 12 in.)


15.24-cm diameter x 60.96-cm length (6 x 24 in.)


15.24-cm diameter x 40.64-cm length (16 in.)


20.32-cm diameter x 60.96-cm length (8 x 24 in.)