PT1250 Heater option is no longer available.


  • Can I order the PT1250P with the Heater Blanket still?
  • I cannot find the part number of PT1250P/HB any more; is this still available?
  • What is the model of PT1250 with the heater option?
  • What is the heater blanket option for the PT1250 units.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • PT1250P
  • PT1250P/HB
  • HB/1250


Customer wants the PT1250 with the heater and is requesting the purchase price.


The PT1250P cannot be ordered with the optional Heater Blanket any more. To order the PT1250 WITH the heater, it was under the model number of PT1250P/HB (this is no longer able to be sold nor manufactured). If you wanted just the Heater portion, it was under the part number of HB/1250 but this is no longer able to be sold either.