What is the part number for the pan and tilt gears in a PT780-24SL?


Pan and Tilt part numbers are unknown for PT780-24SL.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras




Pan/Tilt gear(s) are worn or damaged and needs replacement.


PT780-24SL Pan and Tilt Assembly



A) Worm Gear - Part number 90010009

B) Worm Drive

C) Gear train nut screw

D) Gear train nut

E) Gear train bracket

F) Hex screws for worm drive

G) Hex screws for motor mounting bracket

H) Place screw driver here to pry the motor to tighten the chain tension.


NOTE: The Pan gear (A) is the part number in question. The part number is 90010009 for just the gear. Also, the tilt gear is obsolete and no longer in stock.