PT1250 Heater Blanket part number reference.


  • Can I order the PT1250P/HB still?
  • What is the part number of the heater blanket for the PT1250 unit?
  • Is the PT1250 still available with the Heater?
  • Is the PT1250P/HB still something that I can order?
  • Is the HB/1250 still available as a valid option for use inside the PT1250 units?
  • can the PT1250 be pre-ordered with the Heater Blanket installed?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • PT1250P
  • PT1250P/HB
  • HB/1250


The customer wants to order the PT1250P, which is still available, with the now obsolete HB/1250 Heater Blanket.


The PT1250P/HB is no longer available for purchase as the Heater Blanket option, the HB/1250 is no longer available. However, the PT1250P, as of 7July 2014 is still available to be purchased.